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I am currently starting work on developing an undergraduate module in Natural Language Processing (level 6, 3rd year). Although I have been involved in the field of NLP for many years, recent times have witnessed a transformation of the field, not just in terms of its academic foundations, but also its practical application in industry and its attractiveness as a fulfilling and rewarding career choice. My sense is that some of the topics which I originally studied for my doctorate retain their appeal since the key ideas remain relevant despite radical changes in the implementation. However, others are more hostage to the technological fortunes of deep learning and other neural/distributional approaches.

My view is that field benefits by being informed by more than one perspective: computer/data science may be a given, but cognitive science, information science and linguistics all have their contributions to make. Clearly, it is a tricky task to pack all this into just 10 topics, and to do so from both a theoretical and practical perspective. Here is my current thinking:


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