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Well, who’d have guessed it? After two long years, the new edition of Informer is finally out.

Can it really be that long? Has a full two years passed since the last issue? So much has happened in that time. First, we’ve expanded the team: I am now joined by Udo Kruschwitz (Co-editor), Tyler Tate (Features Editor), Cathal Gurrin (Reviews Editor) and Andy MacFarlane (Events Editor).

Second, we are now a web-only publication. Goodbye pdf! By moving to WordPress, we can engage much more closely with our audience, and deliver a much more interactive and engaging reading experience.

But we remain committed to our original editorial principles. In particular, we’ll continue to bridge the divide between research and practice, balancing research-oriented content with more practice-oriented case studies, reviews and opinion pieces. We’ll also continue to adopt a broad definition of IR, embracing related topics such as information architecture, knowledge management, data mining, visualisation, and more. But above all, we’ll focus on publishing high quality, original content, written in an accessible, inclusive style.

So, welcome to the new Informer! For further details of the current issue, read on.


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