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A short while ago I gave a talk at Create 2009 on “UI Design Patterns for Search & Information Discovery”. Here is the abstract from that talk:

User Interface (UI) Design Patterns are principled solutions to common design problems. Although originally developed and applied within the field of architecture (Alexander, 1977), they have since been applied to fields as diverse as software development (Gamma et al 1994) and more latterly, interaction and user experience design (e.g. Tidwell 2005, van Duyne et al 2006, Scott 2009). This paper examines the role of patterns in designing information search and discovery applications, describes some of the challenges involved in creating the Endeca UI Design Pattern Library (UIDPL), and explores some of the issues involved in maintaining and growing a pattern library as a resource for a company as well as the wider user experience (UX) design community.

I hope to make the slides available shortly, but if you’d like to see further details in the meantime, then read on. Note that this paper was co-authored with my Endeca colleagues David Aurelio and Mark Burrell. (more…)

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