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tabletappsI’m about to start a research project with some academic colleagues from the HCI community in the area of touch-based applications. What we want to create isn’t a game as such, but it contains game-like elements in that it needs to support:

  • the creation and deletion of ’tiles’ that can be dragged and dropped over a canvas
  • grouping, stacking and labelling of tiles
  • the ability to pan, zoom and manipulate the canvas

We are not aiming to create a product here – that will come much, much later (if at all). Instead, what we want to do is find/create a platform that allows a distributed team of researchers (who are technical but *not* developers by training) to rapidly experiment with interaction design ideas with the minimum fuss, ceremony & learning curve. So our immediate questions are:

  • Can we achieve this as a browser-based web app? (in a previous life I’ve developed Java applets, but that was many years ago & have no idea whether that is still a good solution)
  • Is it better to develop a native app? If so, which platform best fits the criteria above (iOS? Android? Surface?)
  • Is there any other possibility we’ve missed?

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